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All Appointments are now at our new premises at 5/9 Flinders Parade North Lakes!

Please note on Monday 3 August we may have some disruption to our telephone services as the lines are moved. If you have an emergency please come straight down to the new address as above. We thank you for your patience.

COVID-19 Update

Obviously there is a lot of concern in the community regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and the measures that are being put in place to combat it.


Tuesday 12 January - Thursday 21 January 2021

With easing of lockdown measures our clinic policies will adjust as follows:​

1 client will be allowed into the building with their pet for an appointment.

Please wait outside or in your car and call the clinic when you arrive and staff will call you in for your appointment.

On completion of the appointment payment will be taken as per normal.

Facemasks are to be worn at all times in the reception area and consult rooms.

Social distancing measures still apply.


6pm Friday 8 January - 6pm Monday 11 January 2021

It has recently been announced by the Queensland government that the greater Brisbane area will be in lockdown for 3 days beginning Friday 8 January at 6pm.

During this time our service to the community will continue but with the following policies in place:

1. No members of the public will be allowed into the premises unless due to exceptional circumstances at the discretion of staff. Your pet will be collected at the entrance for examination and treatment and returned to you after completion of services. Communication will be done with the vet via telephone before, during or after the examination. Payment will then be conducted either via telephone or by eftpos at the entrance to the premises. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

2. If you are, or have been unwell in the past 2 weeks, are in quarantine, awaiting a COVID-19 test result, or have recently travelled please do not attend the appointment, ask someone to do so on your behalf or reschedule the appointment. 

3. In the event that a member of public is allowed into the premises wearing of a mask is mandatory.

4. Social distancing measures and regular hand sanitization methods still apply.


We will update this information as required as new information is provided.



28th May 2020

At Companion Vet Care we are slowly seeing things return to normal as some of the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. We are still adhering strictly to social distancing measures as well as regular and thorough disinfection of the premises. These are some of the changes:

1. We are now allowing pet owners into the practice but to maintain social distancing we will still require a nurse to hold your pet for examination and treatment and clients are asked to remain outside of the consult room if asked to do so by a member of staff to maintain these social distancing requirements.

2. We are now offering some of the routine services that we put on hold over the last 6 weeks (vaccinations, desexings, nail trimming etc).

Obviously these relaxations will only remain in place if the coronavirus case numbers remain low in QLD and will be updated if there are any further changes.

9th April 2020

As restrictions tighten on limiting person to person contact in regards to the coronavirus pandemic the veterinary industry as a whole is moving to contactless consultations. This will commence on Tuesday 14th April 2020.


What this means is that we are limiting the contact between our staff and the general public. Because of the number of people that we see on a daily basis and the close proximity that we are often required to work in with members of the public, our staff are at risk of both contracting and spreading the disease.


Our priority however is to remain open and well and continue to see the pets that require our assessment and treatment.


How this will work:

  • When patients arrive we ask that you wait outside or in your car. If the receptionist can see you just wave and she will attend to you when available. Alternately call the clinic number on 3482 4455.

  • When it is your pet’s turn the receptionist will come out and take your pet into consultation. The Vet will then call you from the consult room to discuss your concerns.

  • The vets will then decide on a diagnostic and treatment plan and discuss it with you prior to proceeding.

  • Payment can then be made over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard.

  • Your pet will then be returned to you outside or at your vehicle.

  • For the pick-up of food and medications please call the clinic to order. When it is ready you will receive a call and payment can be made. When you come to collect them call the clinic and they will be brought out to your car.

There will be certain circumstances where the above process will not be appropriate so please discuss your concerns or needs with staff when you make the booking.

Please be patient with us as we try and see to the needs of all pets that require assistance. Our staff are doing their best to assist everyone while remaining within the guidelines put forward by the Queensland Department of Health and the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland. As part of this certain non-essential services have been suspended until further notice (see below). Please talk to our staff about your particular needs. We don’t know how long this will last so please check back on a monthly basis to see if we have resumed our normal services.

7 April 2020

Recently the Veterinary Surgeons Board has released new regulations for operation during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Veterinarians are now no longer able to offer non-essential services. These services include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Nail trimming.

2. Grooming.

3. Vaccinations (excluding 3 puppy or kitten vaccinations and first annual vaccination).

4. Routine Desexing (except for health or behavioral reasons).

5. Routine dental treatment (excludes patients that have oral discomfort and require dental extractions).

6. Routine monitoring through blood tests, urine tests etc.

There are exceptions to the above so if you feel your pet is unwell, in pain or distressed as a result of anything that falls into the above categories please give us a call.


15 March 2020

In order to remain available to our clients we need to ensure that our members of staff remain well and are able to work. In order to achieve this we ask that clients adhere to the following clinic policies:

1. If you have travelled in the past 14 days, have been exposed to coronavirus or are currently unwell PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE CLINIC. Call us and discuss your needs and we can see how we can best help you.

2. Practice good hygiene. We will be disinfecting the clinic on a regular basis through the day. Staff will also disinfect commonly used items after every use.

3. Limit the number of visitors to a consultation to 1. Please arrange for other family members or friends to stay at home or in the car during your visit to the clinic.

4. Payment – please no cash. Use the tap and go function on the eftpos machine or make credit card payment over the phone.

5. If you are an at risk member of the public please call us to discuss how we can limit your exposure at the clinic.

6. Please call ahead to order food or repeat medications so that we can limit your time within the practice as well as to ensure the items you require are available.


Please be patient with us as we navigate through this situation together. There will be disruptions at times if staff become unavailable, if orders are delayed or if suppliers run out of medications. We will be distributing food and medications evenly amongst clientele as far as possible.


This is an ever evolving situation and we will be available to our clients as long as we possibly can. Should the severity of the situation change we will release more information as to how we propose to continue to deliver services to the local community.

Stay safe!



"Quality, Compassionate Care for your Pets."

Companion Vet Care is a privately owned family run Veterinary Surgery. We offer Veterinary Services to members of the local communities in North Lakes, Mango Hill, Kallangur, Dakabin and Deception Bay. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, excellent customer service and a caring approach to our patients. Our staff have dedicated their lives to looking after all animals.

We have excellent facilities and can offer a wide range of services. We treat every patient as an individual and tailor treatment plans accordingly. Because we are independently owned and operated we do not work to set KPI's or have sales targets to reach - we treat each patient independently, thoroughly and with the utmost care.




As we are an independently owned and operated Veterinary Service we are in a position to look after our clients where possible. So if you feel you are being offered a better price or service from one of our competitors in North Lakes please talk to us!

*Conditions apply.


"Quality, Compassionate Care for your Pet"

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Every pet seen at our clinic in North Lakes receives a detailed examination. During this examination we work through problems and assess general health of your pet. We see pets for a range of ailments including skin disease, lameness, vomiting, coughing, osteoarthritis, obstetrics and many more.



At Companion Vet Care we offer in house laborotory services including cytology (looking at cells), blood testing, urine testing and faecal testing. For more advanced blood testing and other pathology services we can submit samples to external laborotories with results return often within 1-3 days depending on the test.

Surgery Companion Vet Care1.jpg


From stitch-ups and lump removals, desexings and airway surgeries to treatment of cruciate ligament rupture and broken bones we offer these surgical services at our North Lakes veterinary clinic. In some cases referral will be offered if we feel it in the best interest of your pet.

Dentistry Companion Vet Care.jpg


Dental disease is a prevalent problem amongst our pets and ranges from smelly breath to severe periodontal disease. We have the facilities at our North Lakes practice to assess and treat a wide range of dental conditions. We will also be offering dental radiology very soon!

Xrays Companion Vet Care.jpg


We are very fortunate that we have excellent diagnostic facilities at our North Lakes Practice and we can perform Radiology (X-rays) and Ultrasonography on site! In some cases of more complexity we will still refer patients to our local specialists.

Veterinarian with Dog


All our patients are referred to dedicated Emergency Facilities during the hours that we are not available or if they need overnight monitoring in Care. We know that they will be in good hands and will be well looked after. Click on the link below to be directed to an Emergency Veterinary Facility.

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We Offer a wide range of other services including but not limited to the following:
1. Microchipping
2. Hospitalization
3. Vaccination Titre testing
4. Reproductive services including pregnancy ultrasounds and Xrays, discounted litter vaccinations and obstetric assessment and treatment.
5. Sale of prescription food and preventative products
6. Sale of leads, collars, shampoos and pet accessories.

Puppy Preschool September Class 2 (3).JP


Our Puppy classes are run for 4 weeks and have proven very popular! These classes are designed to provide a safe environment for early socialization of your puppy, a key component in combating unwanted behavioral problems and encouraging lifelong sociability. These classes also provide new puppy owners with lots of information on healthcare, nutrition and basic behavioural training. Call now to see when the next class is due to start!




Practice owner

Warren is one of the Practice owners at Companion Vet Care. He envisioned a high quality Veterinary facility at North Lakes at an affordable price for pet owners of the North Lakes and surrounding suburbs. He is a family man, passionate sports supporter and loves everything outdoors. In the practice he is responsible for the administrative work and supporting the other vets in their role in looking after the pets of North Lakes and surrounds.


Practice Owner

Judi is the other Practice owner and Principle Vet. She has a love for all animals and is very patient and compassionate toward her clients and their pets. She is a strong advocate for preventative healthcare and strives to keep her patients in fit and healthy condition. Outside of the practice Judi loves the ocean, spending time with her family and looking after her menagerie of pets at home.

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Associate Veterinarian

Bridget joined Companion Vet Care in 2018. She comes to us with many years of experience in the Industry and a wealth of knowledge. She has a strong background in Emergency and Critical care and is an excellent diagnostician. She is also a very competent Surgeon and enjoys the challenge of more complex soft tissue surgery. She is a very down to earth and likable member of the team and is an asset to our Practice.


Associate Veterinarian

Breanna joined Companion Vet Care in 2018 having made the move South from Hervey Bay. You will find Breanna spending most of her time consulting and she loves to meet new people and their pets. She has a strong focus on preventative healthcare and behavioral medicine. She is a bright smiling personality in the clinic and always willing to lend a hand. She is a very patient and compassionate member of the team and animals respond very well to her calm and reassuring nature.

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Jami Smith Companion Vet Care.jpg


Practice Manager and Veterinary Nurse

Jami is our Practice Manager. She has been with the practice since we opened our doors in 2015. She is the most organized person I know and is a self confessed perfectionist. She plays an integral role in the smooth running of the practice on a day to day basis. She is also an accomplished Veterinary Nurse and the Coordinator of our very popular puppy preschool. Jami has a warm and friendly personality and knows a lot of our clients and their pets very well.

Amy Kyte Companion Vet Care.jpg


Receptionist and Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Amy joined us as a trainee in 2017 and is now our primary receptionist and customer service superstar. Amy's vibrant and happy personality makes her a joy to be around and our clients gravitate toward her. You will see her most days on reception duty but behind the scenes she is also responsible for our clinic branding and Instagram page. She is also the proud owner of Smiling Dog Co - check it out.


An easy way to get your pets booked in!

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The Online Portal allows you to add your pets, update details, book appointments and access their vaccination and preventative treatment records. Click on the button below to see how easy it is!



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(07) 3482 4455

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