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Practice owner

Warren is one of the Practice owners at Companion Vet Care. He envisioned a high quality Veterinary facility at North Lakes at an affordable price for pet owners of the North Lakes and surrounding suburbs. He is a family man, passionate sports supporter and loves everything outdoors. In the practice he is responsible for the administrative work and supporting the other vets in their role in looking after the pets of North Lakes and surrounds.


Practice Owner

Judi is the other Practice owner and Principle Vet. She has a love for all animals and is very patient and compassionate toward her clients and their pets. She is a strong advocate for preventative healthcare and strives to keep her patients in fit and healthy condition. Outside of the practice Judi loves the ocean, spending time with her family and looking after her menagerie of pets at home.

Areas of clinical interest:

- Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology

Pets at home:

- Luca (staffie mix), Jax (English Staffie), Katy Purry (Domestic Long hair Cat), Snowy and Rebecca (Guinea Pigs), Fish and Chickens

Favourite Species to treat:

- Dogs and Cats

Favourite place to holiday:

- Anywhere near the sea

"The things that you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling." May Angelou


Associate Veterinarian

Bridget joined Companion Vet Care in 2018. She comes to us with many years of experience in the Industry and a wealth of knowledge. She has a strong background in Emergency and Critical care and is an excellent diagnostician. She is also a very competent Surgeon and enjoys the challenge of more complex soft tissue surgery. She is a very down to earth and likable member of the team and is an asset to our Practice.

Areas of Clinical Interest:

- Soft tissue surgery, emergency/critical care and Internal Medicine


Pets at Home:
- Mr Hamish Magoo, a 14 year old ragdoll. Lola, a 6 year old JRTxMaltese who came to me as a rescue case with a broken jaw. Bones, a 3 year old domestic cat, who wandered into the clinic as a stray at about 8months old.


Favourite Species to treat:

- Cats are just a whisker in front of dogs for this, but its a hard call!

Favourite place to Holiday:

- Japan for snowboarding

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but rising every time we fall."


Associate Veterinarian

Breanna joined Companion Vet Care in 2018 having made the move South from Hervey Bay. You will find Breanna spending most of her time consulting and she loves to meet new people and their pets. She has a strong focus on preventative healthcare and behavioral medicine. She is a bright smiling personality in the clinic and always willing to lend a hand. She is a very patient and compassionate member of the team and animals respond very well to her calm and reassuring nature.


Associate Veterinarian

Connie has been with Companion Vet Care since 2021 and is now a valuable member of the team. She has strong interests in internal medicine but is also a proficient surgeon. 

Areas of Clinical Interest:

- Soft tissue surgery and general medicine

Pets at Home:

- 3 cats - Buffy, Vincent, and Fang. Hoping to add a reptile friend to the mix soon!

Favourite Species to Treat:

- Cats

Favourite place to visit:

- Anywhere new

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong." - W.R. Purche


Associate Veterinarian



Associate Veterinarian



Customer Care Representative

Amy joined us as a trainee in 2017 and is now our primary receptionist and customer service superstar. Amy's vibrant and happy personality makes her a joy to be around and our clients gravitate toward her. You will see her most days on reception duty but behind the scenes she is also responsible for our clinic branding and Instagram page. 

Areas of Clinic Interest:

- Supporting clients and their pets through the ups and downs of pet ownership, I consider it such a privilege.

Pets at Home:
- Evie & Theo, 5 year old Dalmatians & Spud a 9 year old Cattle Dog X

3. Favorite species to treat:
- I'd probably say anything with spots!

4. Favorite place to holiday
- Camping at double island, spending the days reading a good book, walking along the beach and swimming.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr Seuss


Veterinary Nurse

Lyndal is a our primary surgical nurse. She has lots of skill and experience with anaesthesia and surgery and oversees the smooth running of the surgical team. She is also a mentor to other nurses and assists in training out nurses of the future! 

Areas of Clinical Interest:

- Medical and Surgical Nursing

Pets at Home:

2 DSH cats 'Lux' and 'Rango' 1 dog am staff x 'Milo'

Favourite species to treat:

- Exotics but otherwise everything.

Favourite Place to Holiday:

- Far north QLD, particularly beach/reef or camping. Ideally all expense paid trip to Europe by boss.

"Dogs are not our whole life but, they make our lives whole"


Veterinary Nurse



Veterinary Nurse

Gemma is an experienced Veterinary nurse. She excels in all departments within the practice and is as comfortable working directly with clients in a customer service role as she is working with a patients in hospital assisting the Veterinary team. Her bubbly personality is a pleasure to be around and we are very fortunate to have someone with her level of experience in our clinic.


Areas of Clinical Interest:

- I like a variety- treating hospital patients, surgery and customer service.

Pets at Home:

- Ralph (Cat), Francis (Cat), Tessa (Dog), Doc (Horse), Sammy (Horse)

3. Favourite Species to treat:

- Cats

Favorite place to holiday:

- Anywhere with a beach

"Be the person your dog thinks you are."


Veterinary Receptionist

Areas of Clinical Interest:

- I'm really enjoying just being in the industry but I am super keen to get into surgery.

Pets at Home:

- I have a 12 year old dog who we lovingly refer to as the lazy walrus, and 2 pet rats, Fat Rat (AKA Mr Rat, AKA Jaws) and Rio.

4. Favorite place to holiday:

- My family love going camping and exploring new locations, our favorite so far is Fraser Island.

"Dance like no one is watching!"


Veterinary Nurse



Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Area of Clinical Interest: 

Preparation of patients for anaesthesia and surgery.

Pets at home:

- A two year old Ragdoll named Louffy, a one year old Border Collie x named Archie and a five year old Cockatiel named Waffles.

Favourite animals to treat:

- Both Cats and Dogs have been a blessing to help with, but so far in my journey I have most enjoyed assisting with dogs.

Favourite place to visit:

- My favourite place to visit would have to be my home town, The Whitsunday Islands.

"The best therapist has fur and four legs."

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