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Message to our clients:

With borders finally reopening and subsequent increase in community covid cases we have revised our clinic policy to help protect our staff and clients from both spreading and being exposed to the disease.

1: As per government requirements, we ask that all clients check via the check in QLD app (on the door) before entering the clinic. Only 1 person per family will be allowed into the consult room or reception.

2: Due to the inability to effectively socially distance in a consult room we ask that all clients wear a mask upon entering the consult. Should you be medically exempt from doing so, we may require that you wait outside of the consult room while we assess and treat your animal.

3: For anyone either isolating due to infection or exposure, we ask that the animal is brought in by another unexposed person and a non-contact consult will be undertaken. On arrival at the clinic call us on 3482 4455. The vet will fetch the patient from the parking lot, assess and treat as needed and will then either call or come out to discuss any findings.


If the number of cases continues to increase, we may have to adjust our clinic policy accordingly.

The above policies are to help ensure that we are able to remain open and continue to care for your animals, as well as to comply with government mandates and avoid getting a fine. We would appreciate your assistance with this and ask that you remain polite with our staff when asked to comply with these rules.


This is an ever evolving situation and we will be available to our clients as long as we possibly can. Should the severity of the situation change we will release more information as to how we propose to continue to deliver services to the local community.

Stay safe!

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