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International Shortage of Cat Vaccinations Update 5 March 2024

Cat vaccination supplies are slowly returning to normal levels, and we expect full supply to be restored by the end of April 2024. We currently have a number of vaccinations in stock, so if you cat was due for vaccination over the last few months, or is falling due shortly, please call the clinic or book in via our online appointment booking tab.

International Shortage of Cat Vaccinations

As we head to the busiest time of year another shortage will affect our patients, this time our feline patients specifically. You may have heard that supply of cat vaccinations internationally has been affected with no word yet of when we can expect a return of supply. So how does it affect you and your pet and what can you do?

Vaccinations protect our pets from common Viral diseases that are present in unvaccinated populations of cats. The recommendations under usual circumstances is for kittens to be vaccinated 3 times between the ages of 6 and 16 weeks and adult cats to be vaccinated annually. An important part of this visit is the annual health examination. We can certainly still provide this part of the service.

For Kittens:

We recommend keeping all kittens who cannot be vaccinated exclusively as indoor pets for their own protection. Those who have started their vaccinations but not completed them should also be kept indoors.

Adult cats:

Adult Cats that have been vaccinated annually for a number of years will have some lasting immunity and are at a lower risk than kittens. While we recommend these cats also remain indoors it is at the owners discretion.

Catteries and Kennels:

Some of our Feline patients may be booked in for stays over the holiday period. We advise you contact the facility as soon as possible to enquire about your options. As part of our health examination we are able to provide a health certificate as well as date of last vaccination if it has been performed with us.

When you receive your annual reminder please book in for a health check (consult fee applies) and pop a note back into your calendar to call back at monthly intervals to see if we have regained supply, or join our Facebook Page as we will announce it both on our Website and Socials.

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