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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions many pet owners ask of us so we have compiled the most common here in an easy to use resource to get the most out of our services. Click on the heading below to find out more.

How can I book an appointment?

Consultations can be booked either via our "Book Now" tab on the website or by calling the clinic during normal business hours. Email is another option but it is infrequently monitored so for urgent bookings we don't recommend email as the best method.

 For all surgical bookings and day procedures including dentistry, diagnostic imaging and other day procedures please call the clinic.

How do I pay for my pet's treatment?

Payment is due at the conclusion of services. For surgical procedures or hospital treatment we may request a 50% deposit prior to commencing treatment. We take payment made by Cash, Debit or Credit Card, ZipMoney and Vetpay.

Do you offer payment plans?

We utilize third party credit providers such as ZipMoney and Vetpay to facilitate payment plan options for our clients so that treatment is more accessible and the cost of treatment can be paid of over time. We are not a credit provider so do not offer payment plans inhouse. Please not that for ZipMoney and Vetpay an application for credit needs to made prior to the commencement of services. 

Can I request my pet's medical records?

Veterinary records are the property of the treating Veterinarian. We do not provide records directly to pet owners but we are happy to assist clients by providing their pets records to other Veterinary clinics, specialist and emergency facilities, and insurance companies. If you have any questions or wish to request records be sent to a third party please speak to staff.

Do I need an appointment to get repeat medication?

The Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland stipulates that in order for a Veterinarian to dispense scheduled medications the animal must be deemed under their care. There is an expectation placed on the veterinarian to ensure that the patient is examined at regular intervals to ensure the medication remains appropriate, the dosages are correct. the patient is free from side effects, and no other abnormalities develop which would make continual use of the medication contra-indicated. In most cases the minimum expectation is that your pet is seen every 6 months while on chronic medications, but a shorter time interval may be recommended by the treating Veterinarian. 

How can I request repeat medication?

You can either call or email the clinic and request the repeat of a medication. It is important to let us know what the name of the medication is, how many mg is contained in the tablet or liquid, and how many you are requesting (ie 100 tablets, 1 bottle etc). The reception staff will send a note to the Veterinarians to review. They will either OK the medication and dispense it for collection, or they will decline it and cite a reason. Either way the reception team will communicate via text message, email or phone call when the medication is ready for collection or by email or phone call if it is declined and a reason why. Please allow 48 hours for this to be completed.

Do you perform Surgery on Saturdays?

Surgery is performed Monday to Friday. There is a lot of preparation prior to surgery and patients need time to recover after their procedure. Any emergency procedures that present on a Saturday or late in the day during the week are referred to local 24-hour facilities who can provide the correct level of support and aftercare for your pet. All other procedures are scheduled during the week.

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